I make paintings and drawings, often using writing within or as the basis of my images. Form emerges from the combination of energy and focus on the subject, a drawing in of what is on my mind and the physicality of the materials I am using, all coming together in the immediacy of a moment.

Drawing through hand written words over and over again, creates the landscapes of my ‘writing paintings’. In these you can catch glimpses of words, thoughts, phrases; their contours, depths and resonances, their ambiguity and beauty, permanence and impermanence…

I am interested in how what we think is what we see – how this becomes one and the same. And the possibility of how what we see might inform what we think.

I live in Crouch End, North London, I am the mother of a two year old girl and currently work in the arts developing partnerships. I maintain my art practice from home, in regular small snatches of time between these activities. I grew up between Birmingham and the Middle East, then studied Architecture at Nottingham and Fine Art at City Lit, London.

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